About Us

About Us

Henry Informational Services Inc. was incorporated in January 30, 2004 (RC: 502,379) and is presently  occupying  Suite C7, Image Plaza, 135, Iju Road, Agege, Lagos State as its corporate office

The company has successfully conducted over 5,000 Background Checks among other investigative assignments enabling our valuable clients take an inform decision in employing staff.

Yes, we authenticate employment; we verify the particulars of candidates as presented by them in their application forms. The candidates are either already working for our client or being considered for employment.

We provide our clients and the world of professionals the confidence to employ candidates whom we have diligently screened and authenticated.

Promoting Crime- Free Society

A loyal, dedicated and honest workforce is the bedrock of a company. A company blessed with workforce with these Sterling qualities will, no doubt, excel and meet expectations of its various stakeholders.

In Nigeria and indeed the world over, it has become Herculean task to hire workers with clean records and maintain seamless operation. To resolve this problem however, Henry Informational Services Inc. provides far reaching solutions.

These unique Services, popularly regarded as Pre- employment or Post- employment Background Checks, assists companies to provide confidential consultancy on records of their employees or would be staff, and also define specific problems and develop solution strategy.

Henry Informational Services Inc. provides such services like educational checks, previous employment, relatives, past and present address, financial and insurance investigation, and vital documents verification, guarantors verification and authentication death verification e.t.c.

Fraud continues to be a prominent issue and has become increasingly important in the eyes of the world's regulators. Tougher domestic and international regulations are spurring companies to improve their governance with the goals of engendering trust and further investment. The penalties for violating regulation are severe. However, fraud can be mitigated by effective control, a strong culture of prevention and deterrence and assertive action when cases arise.

Fighting crime is not an optional activity. Recent attention by both regulators and the press has highlighted the need for business leaders to be proactive in combating crime. Even more worrying is the increasing number of cases where junior staffs, directors, officers and senior managers of organizations are being held personally liable for both direct and consequential losses incurred as a result of fraud.

 Henry Informational Services Incis the international supplier of investigative, forensic accounting, business due diligence and employee/vendor background screening services, HIS, provides the international presence and diligence ability to safeguard your business against employees, suppliers, vendors or business partners whose intent is to commit crimes against your business. 

HIS professionals maintain a close watch over your business affiliations so you can successfully run your business with confidence, knowing that you're in safe hands.

 HIS's worldwide network of investigative expertise protector against fraud breaches of trust, misappropriation, embezzlement and other collusive exploits and outside scams that can have a detrimental effect on your operations and jeopardize the financial position of your business. You've worked hard to establish a reputable and successful business.  Let HIS help you keep it from becoming a victim of both external & internal Crime.

 HIS´S mission is to enhance your decision making power by providing enough information through variety of investigations.