Director’s Background & Experience

Director’s Background & Experience

Mr. Henry T. Olaiya is the President / CEO of Henry Informational Services Inc.

He once worked with one of the leading investigative form in Africa, J. C. Owens Investigations Inc. where he garnered on the job training and experience since 1994 till August 23, 2005, his affiliation with that firm as Manager and Senior Investigator, Lagos Head office ended at his request after many great years with his previous employer.

He has handled many assignment or cases of Life/ Health Insurance Claims, baggage Loss; theft and burglary investigation; background checks (corporate & individual); Fraud; Internet Scam via Adult web site e.t.c. these cases were investigated in such countries   as Nigeria; Benin Republic; Republic of Togo; Ghana; Cote D Ivoire; Sierra Leone; Guinea, Conakry; Republic of Mali; T’Chad; Cameroon; Democratic Republic of Congo; Republic of Congo, Brazzaville; Burundi, Angola e.t.c.


On March 16, 1998 he cooperated with the State of New York Superintendent of Insurance and testified in court in the United States, based on the outcome of his investigation in Nigeria which resulted in successful prosecution of the fraudulent claimant (details available).

Similarly, in 2002 one of the numerous alleged death claims investigated by him had saved a US underwriter half a million dollars. A Massachusetts jury subsequently convicted the fraudulent claimant (a pastor). The detail of that is available in the New York Post of Tuesday, April 2, 2002. Headline “Minister Convicted of Insurance Scam”

Mr. Henry T. Olaiya is currently a member in good standing of the professional Associations listed bellow:


  • National Association of Investigative Specialists. U.S.A
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. U.S.A
  • Association of Christian Investigators. U.S.A (Director, West Africa Chapter)
  • Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.